In order to remote control your Windows, you must run this server program on your Windows with network connection. It receive your commands form your phone and execute the commands remotely. (.net framework 3.5 is required)

Run the server program. You need to specify your IP address, port number and a password for your connection.

Backup links:
Server 1, Server 2, Server 3, Server 4,

Lastest Version: (Better support for Windows 8 and 64bit Windows)


This WiFi Remote app is for your iPhone. Please download and install WiFi Remote app on appstore.

App Store

You must re-enter those settings used in step 1 into your WiFi Remote App on your phone. Please make sure both your phone and your PC are connected to network.

CONNECT VIA INTERNET (PC and Phone may not in the same network)

You must enter your PUBLIC IP address into your phone. This may or may not be the same IP address you used in step 1. If your PC is behind a home router, you also need to configure NAT (Network Address Translation) or port forwarding settings of your router.


PRO version (App Store)

Further Suggestions and Tips

  • WiFi network connection is preferred, because of the performance, security and stability reasons.
  • If you are using Vista / Win 7, please disable UAC.
  • If you installed both Remote Server for Android and Remote Server for iPhone, please do NOT share the port number.
  • Put down you phone when you are running touch pad function.
  • Post you question to our facebook fan page.

Google Play / Android Market

Android users please click here to download WiFi Remote Server for Android. WiFi Remote App is also avaiable on Gooogle Play.